Popcorn 2 Quick Start (how to create a site)




Here’s the quickstart guide to getting a site up and running with Popcorn2.

Here’s what it covers (with video timings)

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:45 Installing Popcorn Theme into WordPress
  • 02:56 Editing the header (logo, navigation etc)
  • 03:05 Creating a logo with Canva
  • 05:48 Using the site editor to customise
  • 08:17 Creating categories and pages (to add to navigation)
  • 09:46 Editing the menu navigation
  • 11:42 Editing the homepage with site editor
  • 15:15 Editing pages (like about us, contact us)
  • 16:47 Adding your custom header to the whole site
  • 18:40 Editing the footer
  • 20:13 adding a piece of content
  • 21:16 creating a featured image for you article
  • 23:42 Using Patterns to make your content pop
  • 29:30 Adjusting the footer recent posts

The demo site is here: https://demo.popcorntheme.com/

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3 responses to “Popcorn 2 Quick Start (how to create a site)”

  1. Josh Koop Avatar

    Well done, and FIRST!

  2. Steve Mitchener Avatar

    Fantastic support guys, YouTube, docs here – very professional and great back up support

    Thank you
    Steve Mack. (Mitchener)

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