Popcorn 2 Quick Start (how to create a site)




Here’s the quickstart guide to getting a site up and running with Popcorn2.

Here’s what it covers (with video timings)

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:45 Installing Popcorn Theme into WordPress
  • 02:56 Editing the header (logo, navigation etc)
  • 03:05 Creating a logo with Canva
  • 05:48 Using the site editor to customise
  • 08:17 Creating categories and pages (to add to navigation)
  • 09:46 Editing the menu navigation
  • 11:42 Editing the homepage with site editor
  • 15:15 Editing pages (like about us, contact us)
  • 16:47 Adding your custom header to the whole site
  • 18:40 Editing the footer
  • 20:13 adding a piece of content
  • 21:16 creating a featured image for you article
  • 23:42 Using Patterns to make your content pop
  • 29:30 Adjusting the footer recent posts

The demo site is here: https://demo.popcorntheme.com/

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9 responses to “Popcorn 2 Quick Start (how to create a site)”

  1. Josh Koop Avatar

    Well done, and FIRST!

  2. Steve Mitchener Avatar

    Fantastic support guys, YouTube, docs here – very professional and great back up support

    Thank you
    Steve Mack. (Mitchener)

  3. Jon Avatar


    Is it possible to understand how to add Ezoic to a Popcorn Theme (FSE) site please – is it just adding the placeholders manually?


    1. Phil : Avatar

      Hi Jon,

      Follow Ezoic’s documentation and onboarding process. Their AI works really well with Popcorn. You can also manually add placeholders as well. Good luck!

  4. Ibrahim Issoufou Avatar
    Ibrahim Issoufou

    i have installed the theme and i’m stuck in adding a blog page from my site. How do i add a blog page without overriding the existing homepage?

    1. Phil L Avatar

      Hi Ibrahim,

      Add a blank page called ‘blog’ or whatever you want. Change your reading settings and set the blog to that empty page. The ‘Index’ template will then be used to show your blog roll.

  5. Emma Cozens Avatar
    Emma Cozens


    How do you change the hero image on the main page?



    1. Phil L Avatar

      Hi Emma,

      Launch site editor and then open up template parts. you can choose the Hero template part and then change the image in there. If you need any further help, feel free to reach out. Good luck!

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