How to Make a Blog




In this video tutorial, I take you through how to create a blog with WordPress and Popcorn Theme.

The site I make is based on

To create the website really quickly and easily I use the Pro Blogger template.

Video Timings

00:00 Intro to Making a Blog with WordPress
02:20 Domain name and hosting
10:51 Get Popcorn Theme
12:45 Installing WordPress
15:42 Installing Popcorn Theme
17:32 Importing the Blog Template
18:45 Designing a Logo with Canva
21:58 Add your logo
23:19 How to Delete the Demo content
24:38 Important Settings
26:26 Custiomizing the look and layout
33:49 Global Styles
34:54 Introduction to Navigation
35:42 Adding and Editing Content
46:43 Editing the sidebar
47:36 Editing the Navigation
51:47 Homepage popular content section
54:06 Working with Pages
55:20 Outro – Let me know how it went!

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