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Adding your logo is a quick process, follow the steps below to get the logo added to your new website.

Open the Site Editor

You can access the Site Editor using 2 methods. If you’re on the front end of the site, select Edit Site in the WordPress admin bar.

Opening Site Editor from the front end of your website.

Alternatively, from the WP-Admin dashboard, Go to Appearance > Editor

Opening Site Editor from WP Admin.

Locate Template Part

Once you have opened the Site Editor, find the template part that is used for your header.

Note: If you are using multiple headers for different layouts or special landing pages, you would need to make changes on all header template parts that you are using across your site.

Once in Site Editor, Navigate to Template Parts.

Open Template Parts in Site Editor

Open the template part that you want to change.

Select the Template Part that you want to change

There are 4 Template parts included with Popcorn Theme and they are:

  • Stacked Header
  • Stacked Header (Reversed)
  • Inline Header
  • Inline Header (Reversed)

In this guide, we will change the Stacked Header (default)

Click on Stacked Header (default)

Open Stacked Header (default)

You’re now ready to upload your logo, follow the steps below to edit the template part.

The default headers are:

  • Stacked header (default)
  • Stacked header (reversed)
  • Inline header
  • Inline header (reversed)

For this example, we will amend the Stacked header (default), click the template.

Open List view, and locate the Site Logo.

Click the upload icon to upload your site logo.

Once your logo is uploaded, now click Save

Maybe now set up your site tagline…

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2 responses to “Adding a logo”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Have followed this and the related video however when selecting the site logo field, or clicking the site logo box, no arrow appears to offer an option to upload an image. I’ve checked the different header types and getting the same with all. Any idea why this is?

    1. Phil Avatar

      Hi Matt, So if you’re using Litespeed caching this can cause the logo selector to not show. Disable Litespeed caching while developing your site. You can re-enable it after.

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