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Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is the same for any other site. There are no special requirements to get Popcorn2 setup.

If you would like to do some testing only, we would recommend Local by flywheel. This gives you a great WordPress test environment for you to test and develop your affiliate site fully with PopcornTheme.

Another option is to use your hosting provider. Most providers have scripts available to install WordPress. Follow their guides to get you started.

When you’re all ready, login to your WordPress dashboard.

Top Tip! To login to your dashboard, go to the url and add /wp-admin/

For example

Install Popcorn2

Installing Popcorn2 is the same as any other theme. Once you’re logged into your dashboard, follow the steps below:

Download the theme

Logon to your account on Go to the downloads section and download the theme ( to your local device.

Upload the theme

In your WordPress dashboard, Go to Appearance (1) > Themes (2)

Click Add New (3)

Click Upload Theme (4)

Click Browse (5), upload your zip file ( and click Install Now (6).

Activate Popcorn Theme

Now that the theme is installed, you will need to activate it.

Straight after installation, you will be prompted to activate the theme. Click Activate (7).

If you missed the activation part, you can activate via Appearance > Themes and then Activate (7) there.

License PopcornTheme

Poipcorn Theme should now be activated. In order for your affiliate site to get security, bug fixed and feature updates you will need to add your license.

Logon to your account at and add retrieve your licence key. This should have been emailed to you as well. If you do not have it, feel free to log a ticket on

Click on Enter Your License (8).

Add your key (9) and your registered email address (10).

You should now see that Popcorn Theme is licensed. Should you need to deactivate1 you can do from this screen. Popcorn 2 > Deactivate.

Install Gutenberg (Optional)

Gutenberg is no longer required as part of PopcornTheme since WordPress 6.2. Although it does bring some extra features which are normally released in a future update of WordPress core.

Once you have activated your theme, you can optionally install the Gutenberg plugin.

Head over to Plugins (11) > Add New (12).

Search for Gutenberg (13) and click Install Now (14).

The Install Now button will change to Activate, click Activate (15).

You’ll now be redirected to the plugins page and Gutenberg will be showing as ‘Active

Thats it – you’re ready to start! ๐ŸŽ‰

Now that the theme is installed, you’re now ready to start building out your site.

  1. You may need to deactivate PopcornTheme should you sell your site. โ†ฉ๏ธŽ

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2 responses to “Install Popcorn2”

  1. Jonathan Avatar

    Hi, I want to install Popcorn 2 on a site that was built with Divi and another theme – any guides or advice on changing from another theme to Popcorn? Thanks.

    1. Phil L Avatar
      Phil L

      Hi Jonathan,

      So the best way would be to convert all your posts and pages over to standard WordPress Gutenberg pages.

      then swapping the theme will be a quick and painless process.

      Happy to guide with further information if you email


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