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List view is probably going to be your most used area of the site editor. Once you start to learn this, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

The list view is the tree of blocks that are used on your site. It makes it much easier to navigate your site.

We recommend enabling List view to open by default when you’re using site editor.

Showing / Hiding List View

Load up the Site Editor. You can see how this is done here.

You can show / hide the list view here by clicking this icon.

Enable List View to open by default

In site editor, there is an options panel, follow the steps below to enable List View by default for whenever you open the Site Editor.

Click the Options icon in Site Editor.

Now click Preferences in the drop down menu.

Enable Always open list view, then close the window.

List view will always be open now.

You’ll find navigating site editor a better experience while using list view, enabling it to be open will result in a better experience.

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  1. euan campbell Avatar

    Hi, is there a way to change the font size for the related posts at the bottom of the page?


    1. Alex Avatar

      Hi, You can do it with the site editor. Drop us an email to and we’ll sort you out.

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