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Sidebars are a great place to put ads and other useful stuff. In this video I take you through how to add one. You can add a sidebar on a post by post basis or across all of your posts.

Reverting or restoring template parts back

In block themes you can easily revert or clear any configurations back to defaults.

Open any template or template part that has been changed, and clear customizations (1).

Alternatively you can clear customizations without opening the template in Manage All Templates.

You can also easily see where you have made changes (2).

Click Clear Customizations (3).

Restore from a different revision

You can also restore to a different revision (4) if you want to go back a couple of steps.

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2 responses to “Add a Sidebar to Posts”

  1. AD Avatar

    using popcorn original theme, where do I find the template section to change to post with sidebar?
    I can do it with individual posts but not on all of the site.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Hi, the easiest way is to copy all the blocks from the sidebar layout to the standard single template.

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