Author: Phil L

  • Google Fonts

    Google Fonts

    Integrating Google Fonts with the PopcornTheme offers a creative way to enhance your website’s visual appeal without compromising on speed or privacy concerns.

  • BBC clone template

    BBC clone template

    So after about 1hr of work, I have created a BBC clone template to help you get some more inspiration and learn how the Site Editor works within Popcorn Theme & WordPress. Please bear in mind, this is for educational purposes only, If you were to use this in production, you should review all blocks…

  • How to add a site icon

    How to add a site icon

    Enhance your site’s identity with a captivating custom icon. Elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. Follow our easy guide!

  • Block : Heading

    Block : Heading

    The heading block is used to introduce new sections and organize content to help visitors (and search engines) understand the structure of your content.

  • Removing the affiliate disclaimer

    Removing the affiliate disclaimer

    Popcorn2 can also be used for non affiliate sites, there may be occasions where you dont need an affiliate disclaimer – follow this quick guide to remove them.

  • Navigation


    Getting your navigation right is a fundamental piece of your affiliate site. In this guide, we will run through on how to set up your site navigation.