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  • Navigation


    Getting your navigation right is a fundamental piece of your affiliate site. In this guide, we will run through on how to set up your site navigation.

  • Opening Site Editor

    Opening Site Editor

    When you first get your site up and running, you’ll be using the Site Editor a lot to get your site looking how you want.

  • Site Editor : Custom Colors

    Site Editor : Custom Colors

    You can change the default colors in Popcorn2 within the Site Editor making your site look unique for your niche.

  • Block : Paragraph

    Block : Paragraph

    The paragraph block is probably the most commonly used block in Gutenberg and your WordPress site, you’ll use this the most in your affiliate site.

  • Site Editor : List View

    Site Editor : List View

    The list view is the tree of blocks that are used on your site. It makes it much easier to navigate your site.

  • Install Popcorn2

    Install Popcorn2

    Installing Popcorn2 is as easy as installing any other WordPress theme.