Getting your navigation right is a fundamental piece of your affiliate site. In this guide, we will run through on how to set up your site navigation.

Open the site editor

Open the site editor by following this brief guide 🔗.

Open the header

Your site can use multiple headers if you like. So your home page could have one style, and your posts could have another for example. In this guide we’ll assume you’re using the default stacked header but the process is the same for all header styles.

In Site Editor, Go to Template Parts

Click on the header that you are using.

Create new navigation

By default, your navigation will be empty, use the following steps to create your first navigation item.

In list view, navigate to your Navigation block and click on it.

Click on the ‘ + ‘ icon to add your own navigation link.

You can start typing the name of your page, post, or taxonomy here.

You can change the text to whatever you want.

Click the ‘ + ‘ icon to add more navigation items.

Once you’re finished, click Save

Importing a classic menu

You can import a classic menu into Popcorn2.

In Wp-admin, go to Appearance > Menus. You can see any menus you have created there.

Open Site Editor

Open the header template as per the New Navigation section above.

Click on the navigation block in list view.

In the block settings, you can import a classic menu.

Once you’re finished, click Save

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